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Information Management and the technology used to manage information impacts every facet of our lives. The INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SIGNATURE PROGRAM will help students be more effective in their careers by teaching them the principles of Information Management.

  • The existing curriculum will be enhanced with relevant
    examples of information management or overlays
  • Develop extra and co-curricular activities that develop
    information management skills
  • Provide externships and internships for teachers and
    students to be exposed to Information Management in today’s workplace


The Integrated Community Stakeholder Team (ICST) mission is to support the Chesapeake Cluster schools in the implementation of the Information Management (IM) Signature by working with the Chesapeake Cluster administration and faculty to:

  • Develop curriculum overlays that bring relevant examples and
    applications of IM principles to the classroom.
  • Develop and support co-curricular activities that encourage the
    students to apply the IM principles they are learning.
  • Support Post-Secondary and Vocational completer programs in the Cluster to
    prepare the students for post-graduation life.
  • Encourage the business community to get involved by providing
    • Guest speakers
    • Internship/work study opportunities
    • Field trip opportunities
    • Activities that will enhance the students’ understanding and
      application of Information Management.

For more information, please contact:
Mrs. Melissa Bajadek
Signature Program Facilitator
Chesapeake High School 410-255-9600 x226


Richard Burger 410-570-7495
Reginald Wilson 410-570-8268
Lise Foran 410-295-4513

The signature program needs to stay focused on preparing students to manage information in today’s world. There are many good things that need to be done and many areas we could help with but we need to stay focused on the students and Information management.