In Anne Arundel County all art courses are offered on an elective basis. The program includes activities in the major areas of art. Creative thinking and expressions of ideas in art forms will help students to see, feel and appreciate the value of art in meeting daily living needs. Design elements and principles will be stressed along with two and three-dimensional activities at all levels. Because many materials, tools and processes are used to make art objects, students will: develop a knowledge of design as the basis for art work; identify design qualities in natural and man-made forms; apply skills while making art objects; judge art qualities; develop a knowledge of how to use materials, tools and techniques; and become familiar with the important role of art in the history of man. Additionally, through the fine arts, students can learn tolerance for the beliefs, attitudes, and values of other people in historical and present time. One credit of Fine Art is required for graduation.

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Department Faculty:

Ms. Adrienne Ramey Teacher - Art Department Chair
Mrs. Daisy Shafer Teacher - Art