In order to graduate with a Maryland high school diploma, all public school students must do both of the following:

* Earn 4 required credits in English, including:
– English 9
– English 10
– English 11 (or an AP English)
– English 12 (or an AP English)

* Take the Maryland High School Assessment in English I

The English program provides a comprehensive study of language and literature. Essential to any society are its language and literature. They define and connect us as a people. They enable us to preserve traditions, to create and maintain community, and to envision the future. Through language and literature we understand ourselves, we contribute to society, and we express the human spirit. It is the mission of English teachers to cultivate in each of our students proficiency in and appreciate of language and literature.

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Department Faculty:

Ms. Ina Cheatham Teacher - English
Mr. Christian Curet Teacher - English
Ms. Kellie Darroch Teacher - English
Ms. Stacie Degustis Teacher - English
Ms. Nicole Gingrich Teacher - English
Ms. Caprice Kefauver Teacher - English
Ms. Christine Nizer Teacher - English Department Chair
Mrs. Sarah Petri Teacher - English
Mrs. Jannel Schettini Luoma Teacher - English
Mrs. Cynthia Sommerville Teacher - English