Cognitive Tutoring
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All students are required to PASS the High School Assessment (HSA).

Students entering 9th grade in the year 05/06 and beyond must have 4 Math credits to graduate. Students who entered the 9th grade in 04/05 or before must have successfully completed 3 Math credits. In both situations students are required to receive a passing grade in Algebra I or Algebra with Data Analysis and Probability and Geometry.

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Department Faculty:

Mrs. Karlyn Celmer Teacher - Math
Mrs. Terri Daubert Teacher - Math
Ms. Grace Dorohovich Teacher - Math
Mrs. Kimberly Finan Teacher - Math Department Chair
Mrs. Jamie Fox Teacher - Math
Mrs. Oya Hector Teacher - Math
Mr. Alfred Kasimov Teacher - Math
Mr. John McGahagan Teacher - Math
Mr. Christopher Mullady Teacher - Math
Mr. James Neat Teacher - Math
Ms. Jennifer Johnson-Shadle Teacher - Math
Mrs. Laura Williams Teacher - Math