The goal of the social studies department is to enable students to master the content standards through rigorous instructional activities. Students must develop skills needed to analyze data, to synthesize the material and to communicate their generalizations and inferences in a powerful manner.

Parents can help the social studies department by providing newspapers, magazines, and books for students to read current event topics. The Department also encourages families to visit local historic and government venues. All students should have the first hand experience of observing a Community Association meeting, a County Council meeting, and a General Assembly session. Each student entering ninth grade should know the names of the major political leaders at the local, state and national levels of government. In addition, having discussions concerning the issues of the day will teach your child how to become a knowledgeable citizen capable of making the informed decisions that are so vital in a democratic society. Through collaboration, we can prepare your child with the knowledge and skills needed to enter a career of his/her choice and to become an active participant in local, state, and national affairs.

As of 2002, all Maryland public school students must earn three credits in social studies and sit for the MSDE High School Assessment in US Government to earn a Maryland High School Diploma. The three credits include:
* one credit in United States Government
* one credit in World History
* one credit in United States History.

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