Technology education is a general education program that relies on project-based learning to prepare students to be technologically literate. Students that elect to take technology education courses will have numerous opportunities to construct understanding of the core technologies (mechanical, structural, fluid, electrical, electronic, optical, thermal, bio-related, and material) through participation in “hands-on” experiences in lab/shop environments. They will see the connection that exists between technology, Math, and science concepts. They will also recognize that the design process is dependant upon language skills to effectively communicate ideas about or solutions to technical problems.

Technology education courses are elective and meet the technology education credit requirement for graduation. The program is composed of basic courses and specialty courses that are offered at specific high schools.

The course selection for next year will include: Foundations of Education, Engineering- CAD, Architecture 1 & 2, Power, Energy, and Transportation, Technology of Flight, Marine Technology, and our new offering, Manufacturing Technology. These cources can be used in a career completer.

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Department Faculty:

Mr. David Evanco Teacher - Technology Education Department Chair
Mr. Clinton Jewer Teacher - Technology Education
Mr. Timothy Newby Teacher - Technology Education
Mr. Jaison Renkenberger Teacher - Technology Education