What is it?

The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) is a legal, organized way for the citizens of Anne Arundel County and of each local school to take part in examining and directing the education of children in the county’s public schools.

What does a CAC do?

The CAC advises and reports to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education on activities and programs affecting the public schools of Anne Arundel County. All schools must participate in the County-wide CAC

.A Local CAC is organized in each school for the purpose of working on local issues and individual school concerns.

A Regional CAC can be organized in each high school attendance area for the purpose of working on issues that affect more than one school in the attendance area.

What can you do as a CAC?

  • Investigate transportation, redistricting, etc.
  • Review budget, curriculum facilities, policies, grading, calendar, and other educational issues.
  • Serve on ad hoc committees.

What are your limitations as a CAC?

  • CAC members do not lobby.
  • CAC members do not raise funds.
  • CAC members do not disrupt the operation of schools.
  • CAC members do not discuss or study individual students, staff, or parent problems.

Who can be a member?

Any interested citizen with or without children attending Anne Arundel County Public Schools can become a member. Interested citizens should contact the school principal to place their names in nomination for participation in the CAC. This includes PTA/PTSO members, students, teachers, parents, community members, and staff members. Anyone can be the member of more than one CAC at more than one school – provided there is no conflict with the selected schools regarding active involvement.

How are the CAC and the PTA different?

The CAC is an organized advisory body of parents, teachers, students and other citizens mandated by the State of Maryland to advise the Board of Education on decisions affecting education. In this capacity, the CAC facilitates the two-way exchange of information between the Board of Education and the school communities.  All schools in the county should have an active CAC.

The PTA is an independent, organized body of citizens, parents, teachers and students who assist a school in promoting excellence in education. They engage in many activities such as fundraising to financially support school needs and lobbying at the local, state and national levels. Although most schools have an organized PTA, schools are not required to have a PTA.