Chesapeake Senior High School
Improvement Plan Highlights


Mrs. Kimberly Finan Teacher - Math Department Chair
Ms. Angela Hopkins Administrator

Goals are supplied by the superintendant of AACPS

Goal 1:  All students will reach high standards, as established by AACPS and state performance level standards in the following.  Achievement disparities among all No Child Left Behind groups of students will be eliminated.

  • By June 2011 for…

HSA Mathematics (Algebra/Data Analysis)   85% of students will…
HSA Science (Biology)   95% of students in grade 10 will…
HSA English   85% of students in grade 10 will…
HSA Government   97% of students in grade 10 will…
perform at or above the proficient level, in the listed subject,  as defined by MSDE in compliance with No Child Left Behind, the Federal ESEA Reauthorization.

  • AP Courses Taken – By June 2011, 80% of high school seniors will have completed at least one Advanced Placement/Honors Course.
  • AP Scores – By June 2011, 100% of high school seniors who sit for an AP exam will perform at a level of 3 or better on at least one AP exam
  • SAT Taken – By June 2011, 75% of high school seniors will have taken the SAT

Goal 2:  By June 2015, all students will be educated in a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment with a focus on security enhancements that support system-wide safety and discipline standards.  AACPS will eliminate disparities among all No Child Left Behind (NCLB) student groups in the referral, suspension, and expulsion rates for violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

  • By 2015, no student will be referred for disciplinary action 10 or more times.
  • By 2015, less than 10% of student disciplinary actions will include student suspensions.
  • By 2015, a maximum of 10% (about 190) of the student body will be absent from school on 12 or more occasions for any reason.
  • By 2015, 100% of seniors will graduate from Chesapeake High School.